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We have added big new feature to OrienteeringOnline. You can now add your own maps and routes. Here are some highlights:
  • Maps can be JPG files, up tp 2.5MB
  • Routes can be drawn by hand (by clicking on map) or uploaded as GPX file
  • You can adjust your GPX route by adding section points and dragging them around.
  • Unlike some other programs/services you do NOT need your own server. Everything is hosted on OrienteeringOnline.net
  • Every map/route can be private, if you don't want others to see it.
Please note that this is currently in beta, so you can expect bugs. We will fix them and introduce new features depending on your comments.

This also means that from now on OrienteeringOnline.net won't be just platform for online entries, but we want to grow it into something bigger. If we get positive feedback, that this is something that you want to use, we will continue adding new exciting features. Feel free to tell us your comment and suggestions to email, which you can find here Contact us.

Latest maps

Untitled map, Clemens Hartung

Training_11_06_2020, Clemens Hartung, A

Untitled map, Eugénio Ribeiro

Untitled map, Shannon Lefave

Untitled map, Marije Siemann

1e HOC'93 Competitie 2019-2020 - Ruinen, Peter Reitsema, H40

Compassrun, Öyvind Schjelderup, Long

SOL 8 - Pohorje, Aljaž Černe, M21A

SOL7 Menina (dolge), Blaž Kölner, M35

Untitled map, Michal Bek

DP srednje 2019, Blaž Kölner, M35

Cerkno Cup 2019 D3, Blaž Kölner, M35

Cerkno Cup 2019 D1, Blaž Kölner, M35

Cerkno Cup 2019 D1, Blaž Kölner, M35

Untitled map, Jan Valenta

3 jours de Belgique, David Deloche

Challenge Grenoblois Sassenage, Gael W

Argus Orienteering Run in Ginkel Noord, Muhammed Bahadir Kucuk, M 21

GREEN RACE and OLV MINOR Orienteering Race, Muhammed Bahadir Kucuk, M 21

Brussel , Parc d'Evere, Muhammed Bahadir Kucuk, technical short

04.04.2017.  Added new features to OrienteeringOnline.net
08.12.2016.  Added new features to OrienteeringOnline.net
05.06.2012.  Added new features to OrienteeringOnline.net
23.05.2012.  Added new features to OrienteeringOnline.net
17.01.2012.  Added new features to OrienteeringOnline.net

Current competitions:
21.10.2020     MDA   Moldavian Masters Orienteering Cup / Galata Cup, 4th edition
23.10.2020     NED   Veluwe Night Team Sprint AFGELAST/ CANCELLED
23.10.2020     SLO   Easter4 2020 CANCELED
24.10.2020     CRO   15. memorijal 7. gbr "PUMA" sprint
24.10.2020     AUT   Herbst Cup 2020
24.10.2020     NED   Veluwe 2 Days AFGELAST/ CANCELLED
24.10.2020     CRO   15. memorijal 7. gbr "PUMA"
25.10.2020     GER   5. Munich O-Cup 2020
30.10.2020     ALB   POSTPONED 2 Albanian Orienteering Days 2020
31.10.2020     GER   Bamberger Traininglauf 2020
31.10.2020     GER   6. Munich O-Cup 2020
31.10.2020     ROU   Cupa Pro-Silva Zalau - ed. 7
31.10.2020     GER   28. Open and International City Championships Trier
31.10.2020     HKG   NVii Y2Y Park Orienteering Tournament 2020 Stage 9
01.11.2020     GER   5. Lauf zur Regensburger OL-Tour 2020(neu)
01.11.2020     NED   AFGELAST: Najaarscyclus Lange Duinen ism Green Race
07.11.2020     CRO   Sprint Kup Hrvatske Valpovo
07.11.2020     CRO   Štafetno Sprint Prvenstvo Hrvatske
08.11.2020     HKG   NVii Y2Y Park Orienteering Tournament 2020 Stage 10
08.11.2020     CRO   Slavonija i Baranja Open 2020 - middle
14.11.2020     ITA   POSTPONED O - marathon
15.11.2020     ITA   TRIESTE DAY-O - Campionato FVG sprint relay
15.11.2020     HKG   Trimtex x OS Sprint Challenge
22.11.2020     GER   6. Lauf zum Isar-Cup 2020 & Landshuter Stadtmeisterschaft
22.11.2020     GER   6. Lauf zur Regensburger OL-Tour 2020(neu)
22.11.2020     NED   Trail-OL Den Treek
28.11.2020     HUN   VII. Hagymatikum Cup
29.11.2020     NED   NK Lang Westerrode-Roekel
05.12.2020     HUN   II. Homokháti Rogaining Cup
05.12.2020     HKG   NVii Y2Y Park Orienteering Tournament 2020 Stage 11
05.12.2020     BUL   Three Hills Cup 2020
06.12.2020     GER   17. Landshuter Nikolaus-OL
06.12.2020     HKG   NVii Y2Y Park Orienteering Tournament 2020 Stage 12
26.12.2020     BEL   Sylvester 5 days
02.01.2021     ESP   Maximus Magic Kings O-Cup
20.02.2021     ESP   Maximus O-Meeting (MOM) 3er edicion
27.03.2021     ROU   Busola de Aur 2021 - "Gold Compass"
03.04.2021     FRA   3 Jours de Pâques en Bourgogne 2021
10.04.2021     AUT   Austrian Spring O-Triple
16.04.2021     ALB   Albanian Orienteering Days 2020
24.04.2021     AUT   Joglland 2 days orienteering
30.04.2021     BEL   Aalst Orienteering Carnival
01.05.2021     HUN   2 days Homokháti Jonathermál Orienteeering Festival 2021
22.05.2021     BEL   3 Days of Belgium 2021
22.05.2021     FRA   RESCHEDULED - 3 jours du Haut Jura 2021
23.05.2021     FRA   RESCHEDULED - CO de Nuit / Night O (3J Haut Jura 2020)
24.06.2021     AUT   3. Carinthian Lake Cup 2021
06.07.2021     ITA   Primiero O-Week 2021 - Prologue 1 and 2
08.07.2021     ITA   Primiero O-Week 2021 - 3 DAYS
30.07.2021     FRA   Regional Middle
31.07.2021     FRA   National Middle
01.08.2021     FRA   National Long WRE
02.08.2021     CRO   Croatia Open 2021 (5 days)
25.08.2021     CRO   5 days Zagreb open - Croatia - WRE (also SEEOC & SEEMOC competition)
27.08.2021     AUT   Vienna O Challenge - Austria's premier sprint orienteering weekend
01.10.2021     ALB   test

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