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Nordjysk 2-Dages 2024 (13048)
Competition info:
Competition name:Nordjysk 2-Dages 2024
Start date:08.03.2024
End date:10.03.2024
Entry dates:
Location (city, area, ...):Uggerby
Competition website:https://nordjysk2dages.dk
Number of stages:2
Electronic punching:EMIT
Use our online entries system:Yes
Classes:D10B, D14B, D20A, D20AK, D35B, D40A, D45AK, D50A, D60A, D80A, D/H90A, H12A, H14A, H20E, H20C, H21C, H45A, H50A, H55A, H60A, H65A, H70A, H75A, H80A, H85A, H55AK, BEG1 (-20 ÅR), BEG1 (21- ÅR), H10A, D12B, D16B, D20C, D21A, D21B, D21C, D45A, D55A, D85A, H14B, H16A, H16B, H20B, H21A, H21AM, H21B, H35A, H40A, H45AK, H45B, temp, D10A, D21E, H21E, D14A, D16A, D20B, D21AK, D35A, D45B, D65A, D70A, D75A, H10B, H12B, H20A, H20AK, H21AK, H35B, BEG2 (21- ÅR), BEG2 (-20 ÅR), D20E, Aaben1, Aaben2, Aaben3, Aaben4, Aaben5
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