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Registering for competition
In order to register other club members for competition you need to have sufficient permission. If you don't have permission for registering other members for competition, you can only register yourself.

Please follow these steps in order to register yourself and/or other members for competition:
  1. Log in
  2. You have to find your competition now. You can either click on the "Home" (1) and then click on your competition (2) or you can use our search (3) to find your competition.

  3. After you click on competition, you will see basic information about it. Click on the "Register for this competition" button (1).

  4. Now you have to select how you want to register. Normally you will want to register as club member, but in some special cases you can also register as individual. Use drop down box (1) to select how you want to register for competition. If you select "Individual" then you can only register yourself, in that case you can not register other members of your club(s). In case you select a club, you will be able to register yourself and if you have sufficient permission you can also register other members.

  5. Now select competitors you want to register for competition. Use check boxes in the lower grid to select which competitors you want to register and then click "Add selected member to competition" button.

  6. Now you have to check classes and all other data for newly added competitors. Based on previous competitions, system will try to set correct class but usually you will need to fix it. Don't forget to do this.
    Click "Edit" (1) in front of competitor's name.

    Change any information that needs to be changed (1). After information for competitor is OK click on "Update" (2). Repeat this for every competitor.