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RheinMainCityRace 2019 - City Race Euro Tour - NON-German runners only (4304)
Competition info:
Competition name:RheinMainCityRace 2019 - City Race Euro Tour - NON-German runners only
Start date:25.08.2019
End date:25.08.2019
Entry dates:
Location (city, area, ...):Darmstadt
Competition website:http://rheinmaincityrace.org
Number of stages:1
Electronic punching:SportIdent
Use our online entries system:Yes
Classes:D10 (Kids / Women 10 and under), H10 (Kids / Men 10 and under), D12 (Kids / Women 12 and under), H12 (Kids / Men 12 and under), D16 (Youth / Women 16 and under), H16 (Youth / Men 16 and under), D20 (Junior / Women 20 and under), H20 (Youth / Men 20 and under), D21 (Women Elite), H21 (Men Elite), D40 (Veteran / Women 40 and over), H40 (Veteran / Men 40 and over), D55 (Supervet / Women 55 and over), H55 (Supervet / Men 55 and over), D65 (Ultravet / Women 65 and over), H65 (Ultravet / Men 65 and over), D75 (Hypervet / Women 75 and over), H75 (Hypervet / Men 75 and over), Open short (easy), Open middle, Open long, "String course"
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