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Houston OC - Jones State Forest->Entries by clubs  (number of entries: 85)
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NameClassClubCountryPaid HOC Member?

Individuals/No club
1.Lombardo FrancescaAdult FemaleIndividuals/No club -
2.Ford TaylorAdult FemaleIndividuals/No club -
3.Burrhus KeithAdult MaleIndividuals/No club X
4.Ford JordanAdult MaleIndividuals/No club -
5.Gracia VictorAdult MaleIndividuals/No club -
6.Marlar DesiraeJunior FemaleIndividuals/No club -
7.Derouen KarleyJunior FemaleIndividuals/No club -
8.Ernst MichaelJunior MaleIndividuals/No club -
9.Uribe EzequielJunior MaleIndividuals/No club -
10.Burrhus JoeJunior MaleIndividuals/No club X

Bowling Family
1.Bowling JacobJunior MaleBowling FamilyUnited States -
2.Bowling JamesRecreationalBowling FamilyUnited States -

Channelview JROTC
1.Ayala LuceroJunior FemaleChannelview JROTCUnited States -
2.Morris KendrickJunior MaleChannelview JROTCUnited States -
3.Martinez IsraelJunior MaleChannelview JROTCUnited States -
4.Lopez EduardoJunior MaleChannelview JROTCUnited States -
5.Proctor StephenJunior MaleChannelview JROTCUnited States -

Clear Creek HS JROTC
1.Dang-Fouty CamilleJunior FemaleClear Creek HS JROTCUnited States -
2.Nilssen SophieJunior FemaleClear Creek HS JROTCUnited States -
3.Klages BraydenJunior MaleClear Creek HS JROTCUnited States -
4.Underwood CalebJunior MaleClear Creek HS JROTCUnited States -
5.Blevins AustinJunior MaleClear Creek HS JROTCUnited States -
6.Miller CooperJunior MaleClear Creek HS JROTCUnited States -

Clear Lake JROTC
1.King CourtneyJunior FemaleClear Lake JROTCUnited StatesYES -
2.Pitman GraceJunior FemaleClear Lake JROTCUnited StatesYES -
3.Riggs JacobJunior MaleClear Lake JROTCUnited StatesYES -
4.Miley ParkerJunior MaleClear Lake JROTCUnited StatesYES -
5.Franklin SkylerJunior MaleClear Lake JROTCUnited StatesYES -
6.Kinateder MatthewJunior MaleClear Lake JROTCUnited StatesYES -
7.Dubose JoshuaJunior MaleClear Lake JROTCUnited StatesYES -
8.Young DevenJunior MaleClear Lake JROTCUnited StatesYES -

1.Moreno JaquelineJunior FemaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
2.Crespo ZusanaJunior FemaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
3.Pineda BrandiJunior FemaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
4.Boldt HaileyJunior FemaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
5.Diamond JordynJunior FemaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
6.McCraw GabrielJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
7.Venkatesan AlexJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
8.Mahoney AidanJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
9.Berning EdwardJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
10.Tran FredericJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
11.Baker ZakaryJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
12.Coligan JosephJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
13.Hancock JosephJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
14.Mitchell DemicahJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -
15.Ramirez MarkusJunior MaleCy-Fair AFJROTCUnited States -

Dobie High School
1.Wilson ChristianAdult MaleDobie High SchoolUnited States X
2.Martinez ArielJunior FemaleDobie High SchoolUnited States X
3.Martinez AndreaJunior FemaleDobie High SchoolUnited States X
4.Smith TaleishaJunior FemaleDobie High SchoolUnited States X
5.Gonzalez DavidJunior MaleDobie High SchoolUnited States X
6.Gutierrez XavierJunior MaleDobie High SchoolUnited States X
7.Corpus AlbertJunior MaleDobie High SchoolUnited States X
8.Herrera SebastianJunior MaleDobie High SchoolUnited States X
9.Rodriguez BaldemarJunior MaleDobie High SchoolUnited States X

Hebral Squad
1.Hebral Anne-liseAdult FemaleHebral SquadNew CaledoniaYES -
2.Hebral Jean-philippeAdult MaleHebral SquadNew CaledoniaYES -
3.Hebral MiaJunior FemaleHebral SquadNew CaledoniaYES -
4.Hebral MaianaJunior FemaleHebral SquadNew CaledoniaYES -
5.Hebral LiamJunior MaleHebral SquadNew CaledoniaYES -

Houston Orienteering Club
1.Palmer JerryAdult MaleHouston Orienteering ClubUnited StatesYES X

Klein High AFJROTC
1.Persad KarishmaJunior FemaleKlein High AFJROTCUnited States -
2.Brennan CassidyJunior FemaleKlein High AFJROTCUnited States -
3.Downer KatelinJunior FemaleKlein High AFJROTCUnited States -
4.Abbassi RosieJunior FemaleKlein High AFJROTCUnited States -
5.Downer ChristianJunior MaleKlein High AFJROTCUnited States -
6.Siekas IsaacJunior MaleKlein High AFJROTCUnited States -
7.Gonzalez OmarJunior MaleKlein High AFJROTCUnited States -
8.Nelson SamuelJunior MaleKlein High AFJROTCUnited States -

1.Barbee BrandonJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
2.Faulkner OwenJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
3.Jaimes LionelJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
4.Mott OliviaJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
5.Berry JoshuaJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
6.Garcia MartinJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
7.Limbrick JaquadryJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
8.Olivo LuisJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
9.Celestin DarnellJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
10.Gonzales NiccoJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
11.Limbrick JonathanJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -
12.Williams TrevantJunior MaleNimitz NJROTCUnited States -

The Woodlands High School Air Force JROTC
1.Lane NoahJunior MaleThe Woodlands High School Air Force JROTCUnited States -
2.Walker ZacharyJunior MaleThe Woodlands High School Air Force JROTCUnited States -
3.Robledo SebastianJunior MaleThe Woodlands High School Air Force JROTCUnited States -
4.Robledo JeanJunior MaleThe Woodlands High School Air Force JROTCUnited States -